Saturday, 4 October 2008

Just a quickie

Finally back home after a weeks holiday. We were hoping for a cheap last minute trip to somewhere warm and sunny, previously we managed Majorca for £150 each and the greek islands for £220 each-but thanks to the collapse of XL and the rubbish weather there was nothing for less than £400 each (unless you fancy a drinking binge in Palma!)!

So, we headed on down to my folks place in Devon, and we had a lovely week, cycling, swimming in the sea (see, how brave we are!) and, oh, I didnt realise, there was a Hobbycraft and Stictches fare being held just down the road! It was well organised, as there was a free bus back into the city for bored husbands to find a pub and watch the footie-apart from mine, who found himself a record fare!

We also had a trip into Totnes, which has one of my favourite craft shops, and my hubby bought me a load of stash for our wedding anniversary today, I'll post a photo later!

Well, I'd best get on over to the CB forum and find out what this months ATC swap is as I have yet to make them! I have SO much crafting catchup to do, and I have still yet to make my brother and sister-in law (to be) card-arrggg, why am I so easily distracted....oooh, a butterfly......where was ~I? Oh, yes, cracking on with things.....

Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge

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