Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wow, I got a feature!

Wow, Jane from the CB forum (big thanks) spotted my altered cutlery and posted them on the Inspirational Crafts Blog (link on right, but I am unable to get the logo to work at the mo!), I didn't think for a minute that any of my work was good enough, but there are some truly inspirational pieces on the blog-I have a feeling that if it isn't nailed down (even then, I don't think it's safe) I may "alter" it! (husband best move off sofa soon as he may be next!). Especially since I have just received my first stamps off PaperArtsy, and they are perfect for altered art.
Even with all this crafting I managed to go to see Mama Mia with my mum-the digital sing-along version (the film, not my mum). Well, there was only about 20 of us in the entire cinema (a lovely Picture House cinema, a mini chain/semi indie cinema-so much more civilised than these big chains, there is a cafe and bar with papers and board games and you can take your drink into the cinema, as usual, I was not very ladylike and took a bottle of organic cider in!), with the cider lubricating the old vocal chords I belted out all the songs, all out of tune but with passion! Me and mum enjoyed it and that's the main thing-it's a great film and I thoroughly recommend it (I may even be tempted to go again, but not before I have seen the Dark Knight or Hell Boy 2).
Happy Crafting
Lil pidge

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