Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Cards, bag for life, scrap pages and a bit of a pickle

Finally I have had a chance to do a bit of crafting, with all this wet weather I'm spending a lot of free time at home, mind you I would rather a little sunshine now and again!
The dark brown flower on this card is actually a white fabric flower from a Hawaiian fancy dress garland dyed to which ever colour I need at the time with felt tip pens-so much cheaper than "proper" crafting embellishments.

The cupcake card was for my niece's 10th Birthday and I have used the stamp with last months Stamper magazine and I have included a homemade phone charm as she got her first mobile phone from her parents, so she needs a bit of phone bling now!

In an effort to be a bit eco friendly I thought I would start crafting on my rapidly expanding "bag for life" collection. I used a couple of cloth dye ink pads (only 20p more than the usual pads I buy, so made sure I bought 2 in colours I dont have as inks) and used a mexian style skull with 2 "sailor Jerry" style swallows and glued on some black sequins (I really cannot sew, hence the fabric glue!). It's already turning heads at the local shops, though I dont think for the right reasons! Never mind, I just tell people I'm a trend setter (and just pray they never find out the truth!).

So, not only time to do a bit of crafting but also something in the mail that isnt just bills! The next 2 ATC's from the lovely ladies on the CB forum arrived. The rose is from Snaggles and the Bluebird 2 is from beckp87, thankyou ladies they're lovely.
What with all this crafting I am so pleased that I have joined Jill's Crop, it means that at long last I am getting round to scrapbooking my last holiday, I was so lucky to go back to Singapore and New Zealand but what with life generally getting in the way of crafting its been over a year since we went! So at Jill's crop I have managed to do about 5 pages so far! ~Hurrah! So I thought since I haven't blogged any scap pages I would show you them-hope you like them. I'll post a few more piccies of them over the next few days.

Well, one final piccie before I retire for the night, and that is my make for today-pickled nasturtium seeds! They have self seeded all over my garden and last year I pickled some and about 1o months later, they taste just like capers-fantastic in pasta and all it cost was the price of some white vinegar, so I decided that I would make some again this year, hopefully I will be able to make enough to add some to the homemade food hampers I am hoping to make for Christmas, try them, they are really nice, but they do take 10-12 months to pickled properly. All you need is for each pint of vinegar, 6 peppercorns and 1oz salt poured over them in sterlized jars-enjoy!
Any-hoo, Futurama has jus finished and my bed is calling (you can only ignore its call for so long).
Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge

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  1. Wow.... I`ve been browsing through your blog and I`m amazed!!
    You make wonderful creations and I love the colorcombos you use, and the details!!
    Great inspiration, TFS!


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