Wednesday, 8 March 2023


 Happy hump day. After last week i finally found my jewellery findings and managed to make something, cant share yet until they have been received. However, on my desk this week is a throwback to an earlier week. Those very threadbare allotment jeans have finally been cut up. I have made them into another small waist apron which i can use on the allotment to hold secateurs etc. Not sure whether to edge the apron as i did on one i made a few years ago (on the right, i edged it all in leopard ribbon and has lasted me well). Part of me thinks its not worth edging the allotment one as it will probably get eaten by mice in the tool box as my gloves and hat did! 

My Man Bites Dog cards this week are 'Singer Drops Fake Exec', yep sounds plausible.
In other news, hubby and i finally managed to go to london for a few days. Been trying for over 6 months but havent been able to. 

Well, we got there and since i wanted to visit Kew Gardens it seemed ideal to make sure we went on a day the person i think of as the unofficial guide would  be there! 

Look! How fantastic, i got to catch up with Helen! Not seen each other for a while (as i missed the last crop) so it was fabulous to spend some time with Helen, catching up and exploring some areas of Kew we hadn't seen before. Was brilliant. 

I took SO many photos, but let's be honest, Helens photo blog will have some amazing ones of the blossoms just starting so i recommend heading over to see the lovely photos she takes. 

Happy WOYWW and huge thanks for Julia and Jan for creating this amazing weekly event as i have made some good friends over the years. 



  1. I saw the pics on Helen’s blog first! How fantastic that you got to meet up, I bet there weren’t many silences as you walked round, lol. I missed the last Crop too which was a shame, I do love meeting up with folks. Great apron by the way,everything looks better trimmed with leopard print *grin*
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

  2. Fab that you met with Helen, bet she was golden in terms of Kew knowledge! How fun. As for your lovely denim conversion to an apron, I don’t think the question is whether it’s worth binding the edges….will it give you pleasure to do and to wear? If yes, do it!!

  3. I was confused with your first link lol . Was great to catch up . Glad you enjoyed kew ! Helen #4

  4. Whoot whoot Kyla 🤸‍♀️ I saw you across on Helens's post earlier ... so happy you both had a gorgeous catch up at Kew 💕❤️🥰 fab photos!! Oh my loving your apron,that's a fabulous idea and so useful 💕❤️🤩😍 I was just saying to Jo I had a pair under my table just waiting to create with them ... between you both,ideas galore now 😁😊🙃 Sending love and hugs Tracy #17 xxxx

  5. Helen is always quick off the mark so saw the photos early - what a lovely surprise. How wonderful to meet up out in the world. Love the apron idea. I have one Shimelle made for us all back in the Scrapbook Inspirations days but I bet the tough jeans material is much hardier! Ah MBD -- always serves up an interesting news story LOL! I wonder who it could be ...? :D
    Happy WOYWW, on the day!
    Mary Anne (1)

  6. How lovely to meet up with Helen. I do like your denim apron. Happy WOYWW. Angela #14

  7. Pleased you both managed to get togegther at Kew, looks like you had a good day despite the weather. Interesting 'Man Bites Dog' too. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela xq10x

  8. Glad you had fun with Helen at Kew Kyla. Great idea for an apron. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2


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