Saturday, 20 October 2018

Inktober 2018 Part 1

 Just a quick update on my involvement with Inktober 2018

Artist Jake Parker created a challenge in 2009 to create 31 drawings in 31 days in order to improve his drawing skills - it took off and now there are over 408k followers on Instagram!!

For the past 3 years (which I have also taken part) they have also published prompts for each day, but you can use them or not, draw daily, weekly or even do them all in one go!  It's very laid back and a great way to experiment with ink.

Full details can be found here

The last couple of years I have completed mine on tags (small, cheap and take ink quite well).  So far I am using the prompts and whilst the other year my monthly inspiration was robots this year I thought I would choose Nature.

 The flowing of lava down the volcano
 An oyster

 Starfish!  Well, its a loose interpretation!

 Forgot to take any tags with me on day 7 which I was in Malta at Notte Bianca a fabulous free festival where I went to watch the band The Selecter play (seen them a few times but never overseas).  This sloth for "exhausted" (which I was) was sketched at 01:30 in the morning in a bar!

 The wolf is drooling (I got some odd looks sketching this sat on a bench in a park!)

 I love mushrooms and foraging so for the Chicken prompt I thought 'Chicken of the Woods' fungi would be a perfect interpretation!

 Spelling Bee!  Play on words but there are no rules and this is the first bee I have tried to draw, I was quite pleased with this one.

 Chestnuts roasting on a fire!

 I find woodlands tranquil (hence I try to do a daily walk and belong to the Woodland Trust)

and the first one-the death cap!

So that is them so far (I have done a few more, if you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen the last few days newer ones, I will blog these soon as it takes a while to upload and blog).

Are you doing Inktober?  I would love to know if you are.

Happy crafting

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