Sunday, 22 April 2018


 Decided to have a play and make a couple of masterboard's as not done that for way too long and whenever I pop over to fellow WOYWWer Angela blog I am always blown away by her use of them.

So I started by spritzing Dylusion sprays and Adirondack colour washes over some card, splashing water and allowing it to dribble

Then when the inks were dry I spread some multimedium pastes through some sentcils (I usually make a texture paste from white glue and cornflour but I had some pastes that have been open for a LONG time so needed using up)

I spritzed them with a little water to help the base colour bleed into the paste a little

Now I have a couple of masterboards I can use and with the bonus of using some old stash up too-result!

Happy crafting



  1. OK - so what IS a masterboard? I keep seeing mention of them and for ages I thought they were like inspiration pin boards but I am obviously waaaaay off track. Do you cut it up into smaller pieces to use? In which case - I've been doing master boards and not even known it :P I love that you make your own texture paste. I crack through loads of the shop bought stuff.

    1. yes, they are basically one large piece and cut them up for smaller pieces, I try to get at least 4 cards or about 8 ATC's from one A4 masterboard but often manage many more.


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