Saturday, 22 July 2017

Bullet Journal

So, time to admit it (in case you don't know)...

"I am a list maker"!
Yep, there you have it.  Be they full blow project plans with workstreams and resource allocation right down to those on scraps of old envelopes!

Whilst on the 'interweb a couple of months ago I came across the "Bullet Journal". 

This is a new thing to me but immediately struck a chord so the past two months I have been trying different ones out.  

Both June and July had a monthly chart across two pages to act as an overview but I really like the double page spread of the week overview too.

I have a list of tasks for the week, some notes, my habits (walking 6k steps, meditating etc), daily appointments and a weekly goal.

I am going to keep the monthly overview and weekly journal for another month to see if there is anything I can add/remove to make it work for me, but at the moment I find it works really well and its all in one place (well apart from my filofax and online calendar and those scraps I jot things down on....)........well, give me time to change!

Happy crafting



  1. Oh such a lovely thing, it so works to have everything in one place, and jotting down thoughts are so much fun in retrospect - I showed my (at the time) boss a page from four years ago ( she visits us now in France) and she cried laughing where I had noted a very important meeting and a table map of the attendees with names and job titles and listed the aims of the meeting then commented ( in red capitals) ´Be Nice do not piss these arseholes off...'


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