Saturday, 27 May 2017


 I was lucky enough last week to go on holiday with my extended family.  A a present for my hubby's 50th they organised a holiday in Spain.  

We stayed in Sitges (about 40 mins train ride from Barcelona) and I actually took over 200 photos-but don't worry I wont show them all!  This is just a small random selection.

We had a day in Barcelona and luckily my brother and sister in law are fluent in spanish (and can get by in catalan) which was a boon. Since it was just a day in the city we used the Ho-Ho (hop on, hop off) bus as this enabled us to see several of the sites in a short period of time.

We are quite a short family so sitting upstairs on the bus meant we could see over the crowds-a great way to see the city (and save my legs-one of the downsides of RA is I am often slow and tire easily).

We got off at Park Guell, an amazing park full of art and gorgeous plants and walks.  Whilst you have to pay to go into the monument park I knew from research that brilliant views of the paid area could be seen from a walking route that took you around the top of the park-amazing views all for free!

Everyway we turned there was more art, sculptures and architecture.

As we were staying in Sitges we explored the town, it is an ancient town filled with amazing buildings and stone carvings.  It also has a fabulous promenade and amazing beaches with clear blue water.

Sitges is the Gay capital of Spain (think Brighton) so there is a brilliant vibe and some great eating and drinking venues (we ate a lot of tapas and quite a lot of wine and beer!).

I am happy to admit I fell in love with both places and plan on returning several times as there was SO much to explore.


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  1. I love Barcelona too. hope you'll share some more pictures!


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