Saturday, 20 May 2017

A new mug for my cuppa

A few weeks ago fellow Coven member Julie celebrated her 50th Birthday by having a pottery painting party!  It was brilliant, there was snacks, chatting and copious amounts of bubbly!!!

So when I recently picked up the piece I painted I was pleasantly surprised that my dotty mug (I applied the glaze with poundshop nail art tools!!) was actually quite good!  The sparkling bubbles didn't seem to affect my ability to apply the glaze too much!

It was a great idea and we all have a unique piece to remember the day.
I would recommend it to anyone thinking about what to do-so much fun.

Happy crafting


  1. it looks fab, Kyla - what a great idea, too.

  2. It looks lovely. Bubbles while drinking bubbles was a sound idea....will try to remember this! We did this on goblets for Morti's hen do, and I made such a trash of the one I was doing....I expect she's got a set that she files in the cupboard starting with lovely and ending at the back with grotesque!

  3. It's gorgeous! What a great idea. Happy crafty week, Angela xxx


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