Sunday, 18 September 2016

'Marvel' at the freebies

Just a quick update-look what I found!

In a department store (if you are in the UK - Wilko's) I found this wallpaper with large, almost comic sized, Marvel comic cover prints.  You are able to rip some off to take home to test.....
Now, I was a Girl Guide when I was younger so I am "always prepared" and this means I 'may' have had a penknife and scissors to hand to cut off a few pieces to take home to 'test'!!!!

What can I was too good to ignore. The wallpaper is lovely and thick and cut down should make some great cards and backgrounds too.

Happy crafting



  1. great freebies!! quite big samples you managed to take home to test!!

  2. Great sample pieces, bet you will make good use of these. Now I understand why I keep so much stuff in my handbag....cos I was a Girl Guide too! Happy crafty week, Angela x


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