Saturday, 18 July 2015

What will the Neighbours say?

 This is a bit of a catch up post.  The other weekend hubby was away gigging (he is in a punk band) and it was sunny so I decided to take my crafting outside!

I sat in the garden and decided to play with dying wool with food colouring (my cousin's wife Kristina did it recently with their young son, so I decided I should at least try it!) and then grabbed some acrylic inks and shaving foam (cheapo 28p stuff!) and lined a baking tray with cling film before filling it with shaving foam and sploshing inks about.

Soon I was in a right old mess, hands, clothes, garden....foam, ink, wet wool, food colouring, paper and the odd gust of wind!  I am sure you can picture the scene.

 I do wonder if the neighbours think I am odd as this was the washing line!

 The wool (plain and £1 a ball from the charity shop) was soaked in a white vinegar solution and I microwaved it to set the colour, when I washed it this was the end result. The blue was not very strong (Kristina recommended a couple of different brands so I will try those next, thanks for the tips) but the red and yellows are lovely.

My foam marbled backgrounds worked out really well, I got about 8 pieces transferred before the ink became a little muddy.
Now, I thought I would try the food colouring on a piece of silk screen printed cotton I made previously.  I sprinkled the vinegar soaked fabric with dye and sprinkled some coarse sea salt over to see if this reacted with the dye and microwaved it also.

Note to self....DO NOT do this!  It burns the fabric.  The brown is all scorched.  Where the salt was it ate through the fabric (hence the holes) and the house STANK of salt and vinegar!!  Now, this is a mess but I am wondering that there may be a use for the salt burnt holes in fabric maybe in the future if I am doing some fabric rusting or a wall hanging?  As they say, every day is a school day!  So long as I learn something from an experiment I don't mind.

Happy crafting



  1. I would imagine if your neighbours have known you a while they are quite used to you... love the yellows and reds you got though. Bet you find something great to do with the salt burn holes!

  2. Yeah...Helen's right...your neighbours must be well used to the sight of your washing line strewn with non washing! looks like you had a lorra fun, now...what are going to do with the wool? you have SOOO much on the go!


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