Sunday, 19 July 2015

Institue of Making London Pt2

 Welcome back to my blog and Part 2 of the catch up of my recent trip to London.
Day one we visited the RA Summer Exhibition and I blogged about that in an earlier post.

The following day we went to University College London (UCL) to their Engineering department for a free Festival of Stuff!

 They took over a large outside space and inside one of their labs too
 There was free ice cream, coffee and music too!

 Whilst there was a lot children could do there was a lot of adults without kids (like us) taking part in the experiments

Willow weaving large balls

 Homemade silly putty

 I made a LED badge with copper tape and a battery (again a free workshop)

 There was a handmade geiger counter demonstrating the radioactive levels of bananas and brazil nuts!

 Alka-Seltzer rockets were exploding round this corner

 This group were hand carving a large wood cut image 

 and then using a steam roller to act as the press!
 Printing on a HUGH scale!

 There was copper bowl and spoon making sessions

 Lots of explosions and things on fire!

 Many hands on tables.  This was aluminium smelter and a neon plastic where without a light source the cut end glowed
 This was a fine knitted metal mesh which looked dull grey until a certain spectrum of light shone on it and it glowed white!

 As you can imagine with all these experiments taking place there had to be a certain level of Health and Safety.  For once common sense ruled as these were the only signs I saw!!

A fantastic free afternoon.  I like to think of it as extreme crafting!



  1. Kyla, this is AWESOME!!! What a fabulous idea, a Festival of Stuff! It looks absolutely brilliant and it must have been such fun! This is the sort of thing my dad would have loved to go to! We used to enjoy doing things like that together! Lots of interactive stuff and really fun projects, and unusual materials. What a wonderful day out it must have been. I am so envious!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I've got some more cards to make from what is left of the masterboard. I was very pleased with how it came out, and I am keen to do some more. I have several that I made a while back but I have not cut them out, because I like using them as photographic backgrounds. I think I should perhaps make 2 of each masterboard so I can cut one up and keep the other! Now there's an idea...


  2. What an amazing day out!! I love the giant printing best though, how cool was that!


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