Sunday, 21 September 2014

Silver and a wedding

Hello, I have been waiting to post my latest make until the recipient had opened it!
On 13/09/13 my brother married Zoe.  It was a lovely day and several months ago I decided what I would make them for their first wedding anniversary.
I bought a solid silver spoon (hallmarked Birmingham 1928) and hammered the bowl flat.
I then punched into the metal the date of their wedding.

 Now, I have to come clean, if you are thinking of making one of these, whilst not difficult I did mess up!  The first one I made I accidently moved the punch as I hammered it which meant it produced a shadow secondary punch!  So that means my first spoon will be sold for smelting down (doh!!).  So my big tip would be TAKE YOUR not rush!

 I thought it would be a very individual present (without taking up too much room) but something to let them both know how much we think of them and how pleased they found each other.
Happy crafting

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