Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kate Bush and leather! Not the obvious pairing

 Hi peeps, sorry I have not been round for a while but things have once again been busy, busy, busy at chez Pidge!

It has not been all work, as last week I was lucky enough to go and see Kate Bush LIVE!!  I know, never in all these years did I expect to be able to tick that one off my bucket list.  I am so grateful for my friends Marnie, Ade and Andy who sold me their spare ticket and also drove all the way to London for the gig...I was like a kid...sang all through the concert and grinned from ear to ear the whole time (sorry especially to Ade who I sat next to and had to endure my catawaling)!

When the dust settled I realised I haven't blogged about my new purse that I have made.

It's from a kit from I have already made a small coin purse and a handbag from them.  Their kits come with everything you need and really clear instructions.

This purse is called a Tardis purse (as its larger on the inside than the outsidebut don't get me started on the new Dr....I may rant for several days on that one!).

It is in leopard print which is a limited run of leather finish that they advertised on facebook (which is where they advertise their short limited runs...a great use of social media).

It took me a few sessions to finish as the rheumatoid arthritis in my hands means its a little hard to grip at times, but its really sturdy and the great thing is that if it starts to come apart through over stuffing (with receipts and shopping lists...lets be honest its never going to be overstuffed with money!) then they even include some spare thread for any running repairs!

The company do bags, shoes and accessories.  If you get a chance to look them up I can highly recommend them.

Happy crafting

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the Kate Bush concert! My ex husband saw her last time round, think I've still got the autographed LP!!!


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