Sunday, 19 August 2012

See No Evil

Hello, I hope you have been having a wonderful weekend.  It has been dry here in the south of the UK (I know, a whole weekend dry!) so we headed into Bristol to the 2nd year of the Hear No Evil.  The deets are here. 

It is the largest permanent street art display, and this year they went BIG using entire tower blocks in some cases for one painting!  I took SO many photo, I won't bore you with them all, just a selected few (though this post is a little photo heavy).

 I love the fact that you can see the artist painting in a live environment, this is the artist sketchbook and you can see the painting in progress.

 There was fake grass and deck chairs all along the road, pop up bars and SO many sound systems playing music.


 Nice to see everyone was getting involved, kids, adults and even the police!


 It was so lovely to see art being taken to another level and it was all free, being enjoyed by all walks of life and ages.

You may not be  a fan of street art, but if you love art in general it is hard not to at least appreciate the skill and time that goes into making these pieces, especially the very large pieces.

The art stays there all year, on the buildings for everyone to enjoy.  If you are ever in Bristol, then I recommend a walk to Nelson Street, its less than 5 mins amble from the shopping centre and there is also a new 3 story (yep 3) craft shop between the shops and the street art!!!!  Genius!

Happy crafting and thanks for putting up with my indulgence

 li'l lidge x


  1. Oh wow, some amazing work there. I was in Bristol on Saturday, but I was watching Rovers play! 3 storey craft shop, really?! I so need to find that one day! Take care Zo xx

  2. wow, that looks awesome, I wish I knew about it.How long is it on for??
    cool pics.

  3. Mark, all the buildings stay painted until the following year when they are repainted. Kyla

  4. ah I missed you by a day here. we couldn't make the opening day so we came up on the Friday instead just as they were setting up.

    we'll be there again this Sunday as I want to check out the new Co-Lab shop after doing the Bedminster bug trail


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