Thursday, 16 August 2012

A bit different and a sex pistol

I usually post photo's of my desk and the odd bit of craft.  I thought I would inject a bit of spice and variety and include some other shots for a change.

The first is of 2 HUGH blooms in my hanging basket.  I am really pleased with these, they were a small plug plant for £1.25 many months ago and after watering, repotting and feeding its now the most beautiful specimen-such a shame I threw the label out so I have no idea what the exact species is!

 The other side of the hanging basket has some lovely trailing petunia's, also a £1.25 plug plant.  The macro shot is hand held so not as sharp as it could be, but I do like the colour and back lighting.

These crocosmia 'lucifer' are in my back garden, I tried a low 'arty' shot, not sure if I like it or not, what do you think?

Now, if you are of a certain age you may recognise this one!  After all these years I finally got to see Public Image Ltd (PIL) in concert.  I was a fan before I met my hubby (and I have been with him 22 years!!) but never had the opportunity to see them.

For those that have no idea, the singer John Lydon used to be in the Sex Pistols.  PIL still have the punk sounds but with some reggae and dub thrown in-they were brilliant, I loved every minute.

After that diversion I thought I should end on a craft note!  Now I have a tidy desk I can actually craft again, this card is using one of the MANY tags I seem to have made over the past few months.  Is it me, or does making tags become addictive?  I seem to have SO many I thought mounting them on a card is at least one way to try and get the numbers down!!

I like the fact that it is a male card as these are notoriously difficult to make (mind you I would be well chuffed to get a card like this-even though I do say so myself, so maybe its not exclusively male!).  I used TH stamps and background paper, adding colour with distress inks.

I am chuffed it is nearly the weekend, after last week off work, this week seems like a VERY long one!

Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge


  1. PiL.....gracious it's been a while, glad you enjoyed! Your hanging basket flowers are wonderful, they've certainly given you a stack of pleasure for your patience and work, beautiful photos.


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