Monday, 9 April 2012

366 challenge

 So, are you all having a lovely Bank Holiday? (well those of you here in the UK that is).  Its wet and gales have been forecast for later so that means I can squirrel myself away in the craft room, gawp at some lovely blogs, update mine and craft amongst the snotty tissues and bouts of sneezing....gotta love spring colds!

Have you been following the very talent Kate Crane 366 challenge?  She is uber talented and makes the most amazing journals.  I had never journalled before until I came across her work, I was so taken with it I bought both her DVD's!!

Well, in an effort to show how easy it is to craft a little every day she has the 366 challenge, you have a small journal entry for each day.

This is my completed March page

And my recently started April page.  I thought I would keep it sunny and bright to represent the start of spring!!

I learnt from earlier months not to add too much embellishment at the start, I used oil pastels etc and found I couldn't write anything over them!  So now I keep the pages reasonably clean and once I have filled in all the days I will add oil pastels etc-hopefully it will work this way round.  That's the great thing with craft, you are always learning.

So, if your sat on the sofa stuffing your face full of chocolate (or even still in bed....well its a day off for some so why not?!) pop over and check out Kate's page, she has some amazing pages.

Also a bit hello to my new follower, mjbaker, thanks for joining me.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter and happy crafting

Li'l Pidge x


  1. Oooo some totally yummy pages!! hope you have had a lovely easter ;0)

    kaz x

  2. Beautiful pages. Love the colour combo of your April page. I have to agree I am on a steep learning curve with these pages but it is so much fun

  3. Great to see how cool your March pages look filled in. Happy April - very pretty

  4. March looks fantastic, and I hear you on waiting a bit to finish them off. I vow for May to not coat my days as they've become a bit of a PITA to write over!

  5. Great pages - love the little drawings that you've done.

  6. Great pages :-) And I think you are right to let the page grow over the month. I think we all want to add bits as we go along!


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