Sunday, 2 May 2010

ooh been a bit naughty

Last weekend saw our craft coven outing!! We all met up at what seems an slightly ungodly hour on a Sunday for one without kids-but it meant we could get to Shepton Mallet craft show for when it opened-what a great day out, I had no idea how tiring craft shopping could be, but we were fuelled by Becky's lunchbox (always ready with a few nibbles, which we all devoured, thanks Bec), and as you can see, I made sure I did the shopping proud!

The nice weather has made it a little hard to craft, and the past couple of weeks has seen me feeling a little better, thanks to the drugs! So, I managed to take advantage of the light evenings and clear the garden up and plant some veggies also, the flowers are starting to look lovely
So, the sun is shining and with determination that I will NOT put on weight with the steroids I had to take for some weeks I am trying my hardest to eat healthy. We are both veggie, so that's a good start, but I am now nibbling on carrots and drinking what my OH believes is made directly by the devil himself.........homemade beetroot, ginger and carrot juice!

I think it tastes great, he doesn't (he is wrong!)-but remember later in the day that you have had beetroot, or you may be in for a shock!!

So, finally I have managed to get around to a bit of crafting:

this card uses an vintage map from a latin book and rock star crackle glaze over distressed ink...loving it.
Anyway, best go and play with new toys..........

Happy crafting
li'l pidge x


  1. Your new toys look fab, I'm glad you are feeling a little better
    The juice sounds interesting,I've had carrot and apple but not tried it with beetroot

    Hugs Jackie x


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