Friday, 21 May 2010

Hurrah Spring is finally here

It's been a long time coming, and bet it doesn't hang around for long but the sun is out and its warm enough to consider not taking a jacket out suring the day, I say consider, this is the UK after all! But the blossom is out (how lovely is it at the moment?)

and the plastic flamingoes are sunning themselves by the pond (that'll be a bucked sunk into the ground-we have a frog though, so there is a bit of wildlife in it!

Fingers crossed the weather lasts a bit-the last 2 summers were a non-event, Britain could do with some good luck at the moment!


  1. Hiya, the garden looks lovely. Just wondering what you have made with your Stamp Bug stash so far?


  2. Hi Lucy, I have made a few things, just need to sort out photos...grunge bracelet and a memories necklace....have you had fun playing with your purchases? I will check out your blog


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