Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Big sigh (then lots of coughing from breathing too hard). After a lovely week away I caught a cold on my first day back at work (gotta love these open plan workspaces) then went to the doctor yesterday as it wasnt getting any better, only to be told that I have bronchitis again! I am not impressed, actually that is a big understatement, but li'l pidge likes to only sing sweet birdsong so I wont say how annoyed I am!! I ache and feel so tired and my chest is so tight its hard to breath (as that starts off the coughing and the end result of that is not pleasant!!), so I cant even craft!

Boo! and its raining. Boo! and I am not a good patient!!

(big sigh)..back off to bed then with lots of tissues and throat pastiles.....

Li'l Pidge (sniff)

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  1. Sorry to read you are unwell, hope you get better quickly. Take care
    hugs Jackie x


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