Sunday, 22 March 2009

A sad day

Well, Saturday night saw the 10th Anniversary of 'Trailer Park Trash' gigs that my OH has put on in our 2 closest cities, and sadly, this is the last one! After ten years of stress, punk and rock and roll he has decided enough is enough (blast the credit crunch) and he will leave the promoting to someone else. Its was a great gig and brings to an end an era of both Trailer Park Trash and The Junction:

Hacksaw kicked off the night-including some of their well known hits (well in the west country at least) such as 'Go Bath City Go' (the Bath City FC theme tune) and as you can see in this photo 'Bog Roll' where packs of loo rolls are thrown into the crowd and then thown back!!

The were followed by the fantastic punk band 'The Setbacks' (well with my husband and brother-in-law both in the band I may be a tad bias)

Then followed the Cheater Slicks a powerful rockabilly trio, then onto the main act, Dragster with front woman Fi giving it her all as usual.

Someone asked me last night what I would do with my OH home more-I dont think there is any danger of that, what with him being in 2 bands (which gives me lots of time to craft!!)

Talking of which, I managed to make a good luck card today for a colleague who is leaving. She is into her gardens, painting and jewelry so I used some seed beads and wire on the card and lots of flowers. I hope they like it at work.I also started making my first tag book of a few photos I have from 20 years ago when my pen friend from the USA visited. We are still in contact (hello Josh) so I wont post a photo of the make on here until I have sent it-boy making it is bringing back the memories (and really dodgy clothes and haircuts-what was I thinking!!).

Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge


  1. Beautiful card! the colours..just had a peek at your blog.. very amusing updates,will come back again to see you and your lovely work
    Susan (saramar) CB forum X

  2. Gorgeous card - I'm sure your colleagues loved it! You have some really lovely projects on your blog.



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