Saturday, 21 March 2009

blackbird I'll 'ave 'e

Hurrah! 2 years ago a blackbird nested in our tree in the back garden, boo! Neighbours cat killed all the young birds (you can buy mole traps, rat traps why not cat traps? Humane of course, what with me being an animal loving veggie)-so this year we prepared ourselves and made a chicken wire balcony-type thing under the nest to try and stop the cat. A very quick look yesterday and there are eggs! Woo-Hoo!!

When the female blackbird has flown off for a bit I will try and take some photo's as the eggs are a beautiful speckled blue/green-so pretty.

Anyhoo, sunny day again (I could so get used to this) so off out...

Happy Crafting
Li'l Pidge


  1. Hope all goes well for Mr & Mrs Blackbird this year and the cats keep away

  2. thanks-fingers crossed is all we can do now


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