Sunday, 11 January 2009

ooh, a few new makes and a win

I can't believe it, I am gushing. The Happy New Year card I submitted to the Crafts Beautiful forum challenge won, along with Maggie (another great entry, as were they all!). Its my first challenge and has spurred me onto look for some more challenges to enter, and to top it all Draytonlady (who ran the challenge) says there is a goody bag as a prize-double bonus!

Well, I have been busy over the past week or so, the cold weather helps as the craft room is easily the warmest in the house, and the dulcid tones of Radcliff and Machonie on Radio 2 of an evening helps me craft along nicely. So, the first of my new makes:

These are my submission for the January CB Forum ATC swap. The theme is fantasy and the middle is one of my sticky notlets as a RAK (Random act of kindness) for Cambiel who is organising it (as is feeling under the weather at the moment, get well soon).

The next one is my triumph, its my scarf! Its taken ages and finally finished just in time for the cold snap to break! But I don't care even if its hot and sunny, I will wear it, because I made it all myself. Knitting, sewing and all those sort of things do not come naturally to me (I prefer a hammer or glue gun!) but against all the odds I have made a purple striped scarf, and all for £2.49 - a bargain (its a good job I don't charge for labour). I managed to buy some wool in the charity shop, grey and black so I am now on the look out for my next project, if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know (so long as they are easy!).

Since wool and needles are not my best of friends I went back to the heat gun and make myself another shrink plastic necklace. This time I used a design from an old tattoo book, colouring it with sakura pens and markers, adding a couple of jump rings at each side and using a double thickness of cording with a lobster clasp at the end:

Having said that me and sewing don't make happy bedfellows (well, I'm sure it was summit like that!) I have finally finished my first handbag. The felt bag is bought as a blank and I traced flower chipboard shapes onto purple felt and cut these out. These I glued onto the bag and added leaves and stitched glitter buttons as the flower centres (stictched to hold it all together at bit more secure in case the glue came away). I was going to use a large popper to secure the bag (living in a city I do like a bit of additional security rather than an open invitation to every scally) but after a trip to the local fabric shop and a chat to the very helpful staff I found out that there is actually a handbag closure for sale. Its magnetic and cost 99p (I am now seeing why handbags do cost a bit, the raw materials alone do add up, but then I have a unique piece). To cover the fixture I used a punch to stamp out a couple of pieces of felt and added a decorative button to add detail. I am really please with the result and am now waiting for my OH to take me out so it can have its first official outing (hubby-if you are reading this, a nice meal out would be a good outing for a bag of this standing!).
One final note, as we are both into 1940-50's style and the whole rockabilly alternative scene (hence my earlier blogs about carving tikki stamps from erasers and hibiscus style flowers in some of my makes and items like the mexican sugar skull necklaces and skull hair flowers to anem a few) we have just managed to locate Sailor Jerry rum, a spiced golden rum-wow, a sweet deliciousness that warms the cockles of ones heart! Yum.

Enjoy x

Li'l Pidge


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