Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year all in blogland

Happy New Year!
Well, we had a lovely new year spending some time with my brother and his partner (the photo is them on the beach at midnight with sparklers-its hand held in the pitch black which is why its blurred, but how clever are they using the sparkler to make a heart. I would have posted a photo of my OH but he drew porn with his sparkler-typical!) in Whitstable, Kent. A few days down by the sea with fresh air in my lungs (though getting fed up with bronchitis by now-its starting to wear very thin indeed).

Came back to sad news that my OH Grandfather had passed away that morning, just over a year from when he also lost his grandmother. He was such a lovely man and always made us laugh, we'll miss you granddad, rest in peace.

On a lighter note, I have been catching up with my crafting.

These are two of my recent ATC swap on the CB forum. These are from Jintz and Ultramum-thanks ladies, we do love a bit of pink.

These are mine that I sent:

I am getting quite a collection of ATC's now and love getting some post that isnt just junk mail or bills! So, as my new years resolutions I thought I would try to enter some of the forum challenges rather than just lurking and reading the blogs!

So, in the spirit of things I have entered my first one. On the CB forum the set a challenge to design & send a new years card to the CB Magazine, and here it is:

So I am going to be on the look out for a few more challenges-find the time to look and then to make the stuff is the hard part, so if anyone knows of a site that lists craft challenges-please let me know!

I also got a handmade card from my OH for Christmas-bless him, how lovely was that. He sat in the craft room and said he was going to make me a card. Then those words all crafters dread to hear......"can I use ANY of the stash in here?".........what should I do? Nuture the creative thread he was displaying and the loving effort he was going to? Or, be honest and explain that some of the stash is SO pretty that I didnt really want him potentially hacking away at it? Well, of course, I did the only thing I could and resonded "use whatever you want me dear..." then pray to every god and goddess you could name that he couldnt use that lovely glittered vellum you'd been saving or those swarkoski gems!! 2 hours later he emerged-triumphant, though bemused at how long it takes to make a handmade card (what did he think I did up there all this time!). His card to me included my favourite of the moment-owls. What a lovely card, and even more so because he made it for me.
This is the card I made for him. The cat is from a stamp I carved myself, embossed and adorned with a flocked hat with big chunky glitter. I also added a glittered stamped image and used a heart shaped brad that I embossed then dipped in red glitter for that bit of seasonal bling!

Having been SO lack at updating this blog, there is a fair bit of catching up to do. I made my first 18th card for my cousin in New Zealand, her birthday was New Years eve.
I am hoping she liked it-I've not done one before so had to pick the brains of the girls at our weekly crop (thanks Jill for lending me the cuttlebug to cut out the pieces, to Becks for the great silver paper and to Tracy for the ribbon and idea!).

I also made some earings, a handbag charm and the box for my OH's aunts birthday just before christmas:
Well, that's probably about as much excitment as you can take for now, so I'll do another installment in a few days (during these sub zero days the craft room is the smallest in the house and the warmest! So, I have yet another excuse for spending time in here!!).
I hope you are all well (and if not, then I really feel for you, if I cough anymore I am going to SCREAM, apart from the fact that would hurt my poor old chesty, so I think I will just clench my fists in a spurned evil nemisis kind of way!).

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge


  1. Happy New Year too!

    Get better first though so you can craft feeling perky....sad to hear about your g-pa! Mine did the same, it was about a year after g-ma passed, funny you see that alot. Bless them all.

    Wowzers! I meant to comment about your first post and along the way, I saw so many interesting things that all I can say is wowzers! You sure have been doing great stuff!

    Drink some good tea and rum for your chest [esp. hot rum toddy's!]


  2. thanks for your lovely comments Bev, very thoughtful of you.


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