Thursday, 18 December 2008

Big Catch up

Sorry folks, the last week has seen me laid up with bronchitus-not much fun and it means I have spent most of the time since Friday in bed. Luckily the past few weeks saw me on a massive crafting spree trying to get all my gifts ready for my family in New Zealand (why oh why is the last posting date down under so early!!) and my brother in London and since I havent posted on here for ages there is loads to add (between coughing and blowing my nose-SO attractive).
First up, a big thanks to my secret santa from the CB forum, a parcel was delivered today (how I did not managed to rip the wrapping off then and there)-ooh, I wonder what it is...shame I will have to wait. Also, my latest ATC's from the CB forum. The theme was snowmen, and these two were from Hellybelly and Magentasnowflake.

Also in a moment of what can only be described as total muppetry I decided that the event journal I spent some months making for my mums combined Christmas/Birthday pressie was not good enough and decided to make a new one! What the hell I was thinking I don't know-by the end of the project I was wishing I just bought her the new Enya CD! The idea is that there are 12 double pages, one for each month, and each month has key birthdays/anniversaries detailed with lots of space to keep adding more. On the opposite page is an envelope containg some handmade cards ready for the appropriate event-all ready in one easy folder.

Well, I did say it was a mammoth task!

I also had my first jewelry order for 2 sugar skull necklaces from a friend. I must admit I ruined a whole sheet of shrink plastic-the only problem with a larger pendant is that the plastic does have a tendancy to curl and buckle and is your concentration waivers for a mere second-burns! (and boy does that make the house stink!). Any way, I managed to make 2 and am really pleased with the results-my first jewelry commision!

I think that's enough for a bit-I need to take some more anti-biotics and have a bit of a lie down (I had no idea that bronchitis took it out of you so much-this sucks!).

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge

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