Wednesday, 18 May 2022

WOYWW 13th Anniversary

 Hello peeps, hope you are all well and been able to get some crafting in?  Well, the lovely Queen of desks Julia has been running this weekly get together for 13 years! Thanks to Julia over the (i think) roughly 11-12 yrs i have taken part i have met virtually and physically some amazing friends and learnt so much. 

Anyway back to the desk, been a bit absent recently what with work and the allotment there hasnt been as much time for crafting or blogging (apart from a trip to Birmingham to see Blondie after 2 years of waiting! It was brilliant).  On my desk this week is my "so called" "one sketch a day" book, this is the first sketch in over 3 weeks!  But its a sketch so that is something! Also the pens and brushes are STILL on the desk waiting for me to start the "watercolour for relaxation" course in the library book I blogged about previously!  Looks like I will have to renew the book again as STILL havent started!  To the right of my sketch book are 2 new badges I bought 1 says "Trust me I'm left handed!" and the other "I may be left handed but I'm always right!!" I couldn't resist these!  Having been called "cack handed" throughout my childhood and forced at school to write with a right handed fountain pen and then get told off for scratching the paper as I tried to write with my left hand!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are "Cruel Convict Revealed Missing lover!"  well, thats an odd one!  Mind you they often are!

I thought I would also share a couple of sketches i did on location recently too.  On a day trip to Lyme Regis (my travel sketch kit is the black book with a homemade mini pallet and the white (well it was once) was a free sweat band I got from some council event that I use to mop up paint, clean the brush and hold all the kit together.  This was a fabulous sculpture of a juggling hare I came across in a park whilst over looking the sea.
This one was another day trip, this time to Seaton and I sketched this sat in a cafe outside overlooking this amazing sculpture on the sea wall made from metal with a wildflower meadow below and the sea behind, such a fabulous view from our table and the weather stayed nice too!

So, that's all from me, what's on your workdesk wednesday?  Later will be a couple ATCs i will be making to mark the occasion 



  1. Happy 13th WOYWW Kyla! I’m still so glad that our paths crossed via Julia, the Crop and the odd sewing day!! Long may that continue xx. I enjoyed seeing your sketchbooks, I tried to something similar but am rubbish at keeping up with it!
    I shall be raising a glass to all the deskers this evening!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  2. Your sketches always make me smile and your juggling hare is no exception LOL! I will hope to maybe see you at the crop in the fall, and thanks for introducing me to MBD. I still love seeing the cards every week, even if I have my own set now. My son will get them eventually (as he is mad keen on games of any kind) but not quite yet...
    Happy 13th year of WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  3. Love, love, those badges! I have always claimed that Lefthanders are more intelligent as they have to work out how to use right handed 'things'!!
    Looks like I'm sending my ATC to you and, looking at my list, I don't have your postal addy. Would you email it through to me please?
    Have a good day
    Christine #20

  4. Hi Kyla, Happy woyww Anniversary. It sounds like you had a hard time at school. I have taught a few children who were left-handed and always made sure I had the right equipment. If your teachers had tried to write with left-handed scissors or cut with the left-handed scissors they would understand. Scissors are impossible to cut with if they are not the correct. Great sketches, love them. Wishing you a very happy woyww on this special day. Hugs, Angela x15x

  5. Happy WOYWW Anniversary Kyla. I remember that sculpture at Seaton, you have captured it perfectly. My son is left-handed and has trouble with all sorts of pens smudging as he writes so he now uses biro. Take care. With Love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#11)

  6. Happy Anniversary WOYWW. Your sketches are adorable. Would make amazing greeting cards. Hubby can write with either hand (and will be seen out on the farm with a tool in each hand!). Ali x #7

  7. Love the idea of those badges Kyla. I am left handed too and got told off all the time as my handwriting at school slanted to the left - these days it's just illegible lol. Loving the sketches - hope you manage to renew that library book. Hope to see you at the crop. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  8. Happy lace anniversary Kyla. I’m a leftie too and the fact that it’s still a legal discrimination makes my blood boil. I prefer ‘sinister’ to cack handed but it’s better to think of da Vinci being a lefty and my grandad being able to write two different things at the same time, one with each hand.
    Anyway, enjoy your watercolouring!
    Lynnecrafts 19

  9. Happy WOYWW 13th anniversary! your sketches are fantastic as always, love the hare! My best friend growing up was a leftie and I always thought her writing was fabulous, so neat, unlike me!! Hope you get to enjoy the library book soon. Take care. Helen #3

  10. Happy 13th WOYWW Anniversary. Great pictures. Angela #13

  11. I was going back over the list and realized I had missed you. I am here to rectify that, though. I love those left handed badges. I had a great aunt who was left handed, but was forced to write right handed. I don't believe they force students to do that any more, at least not in the states.

    I always love seeing your Man Bites Dog tales. I always get a good laugh at how you put the cards together. Happy WOYWW from # 1.

  12. Love that juggling hare!
    Happy 13th WOYWW Anniversary!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #20
    If you want to swap an ATC with me here in Australia please email me at
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  13. Hi Kyla, I visited yesterday and completely forgot to comment such was my excitement of being back on the desks and finding it was anniversary week and I needed to make my PIF ATC! Love your paintings especially the wave although HARES was my maiden name so the other one is special too. Hugs BJ#18

  14. Nice look into your sketchbooks, love to see what inspires you in the few minutes that you actually sit still! laughed out loud at the explanation of the sketchbook belly band, only you would see the potential in a freebie like that! Perfect.

  15. anonymous my bit, it was me, Julia.

  16. Hi Kyla, I think you are sending the anniversary PIF ATC to me? I can't find your email on your page but mine is on my profile if you'd like to contact me first. Thanks BJ


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