Wednesday, 6 April 2022


 Hello peeps, and I need to start with an apology as I wasnt able to make it round all the desks last week, time just ran away, after days of meetings and several hours in the dentist chair before I knew it the week had passed!

Anyway, just time for  a really quick update this week.  A few weeks ago a good friend's parents both died within a day of each other.  Really sad and I cant imagine how that was (it was 9 years ago yesterday that my dad died and I cant imagine going through it with both parents).

She is slowly going through their belongings and her mum was a wonderful crafter (even though she was partially sighted, an amazing lady).  So when it came to sorting out her crafting stash a couple of coven members popped up to help her sort through it all.  They kindly sent me photos with "we have put this aside for you!" notes-so I popped over to help (no where near as much help as they had been) and was kindly gifted some new stash!   

How wonderful is this? Some of these items I can think straight away how to use them, others I am going to have to do some research to work out (there is a pack of Tim Holtz distress crayons so will pop over to his page to see how best to play with them).  

A huge thanks and hug to my mate for this and everything she is going through.



  1. oh Kyla, how awful for your friend to go through that. I am glad you and your other friends were able to help. A great pile of new goodies though, so have fun using them. Take care. Helen #1

  2. I can’t imagine going through the loss of both parents either. I am glad your friend had help going through stuff. It is good to know they are going to be put to good use. Have a great weekend. Angela #5

  3. How awful for your friend Kelly. Good that so many helped her sort through everything though. Sorry not a long comment as I can't sit for very long with the sciatica. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  4. Good job I popped back as I didn't know you were here. Sorry to hear about your friends loss but I know you will make good use of the Stash she's passed on to you. Have a great weekend and happy belated woyww, Angela x14x


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