Saturday, 23 September 2017

I got myself in a right jam

So, I tend to flit between crafts and since it is foraging season I have been making items ready for my Christmas gift hampers.

I have already started some Elderberry Brandy (it should be ready in about a month) but below is my first (and only as it takes a long time to make) batch of Blackberry jam.

It doesn't look much but it always catches me off guard as to how long it takes to make this!

  From picking bags of blackberries, de-labelling the jars and sterilising through to making the jam-it takes an entire afternoon for 6 jars!  To make sure there was enough pectin in the jam I added some foraged apples, cooking them down to a pulp with the blackberries.

All cooled and ready to add to the hampers come Christmas time!


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