Friday, 3 April 2015


Not crafting but one of my reasons to craft.

This is a photo from a couple of years ago with my Nan (and a random monkey we spotted at a garden center so decided to pose for a photo!).

My Nan lived in many different countries when she was younger, Malta, Egypt and settled back in the UK to raise her family.  Nan encouraged me to craft.  Trying (and I was!!) to teach me, a 7 year old left handed tom boy, to crotchet and knit.  She was patient and kind and didn't scold when I produced YET another birds nest of yarn rather than a lovely knitted item!  Though she did also teach me a few choice sayings that I am not sure my mum approved of (must have been her Navy background....the classic was telling me as a teenager to "keep a penny between my knees!").

I handmade nearly all my Christmas and Birthday presents for her and about 10 years ago when she moved to New Zealand we were lucky enough to visit a couple of times and skyped and made cards and gifts to send her.

On 23rd March my Nan was 91 years old!  An amazing woman, but sadly on 25th she died and this week the family is saying the final goodbye to Nan.

I cannot make it to New Zealand for the funeral, so this is my tribute to her.  I called my blog Li'l Pidge as this was her petname for me.

She was an amazing women with much spirit.  




  1. Such a sad loss, but you have painted such a lovely picture of your dear special Nan. It doesn't soften the loss but I must say how very lucky you were to have her in your life so long. I'm sure you'll always remember her fondly and keep her in your heart.
    Jo x

    1. Jo, many thanks, yes I have many memories. I was lucky to have her for so long as my grandad died when I was 11 so nan was without him for many years Xx


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