Monday, 23 June 2014

What have I been up to?

I have been away from blogland for a while.  I have been busy.  First I went to the Contemporary Craft Fair in Devon a couple of weeks ago and then last week I was on holiday in Malta (where my parents and grandparents used to live).

Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Fair is fabulous.  It has been going for 10 years and I have been attending for about 7 of them.  Its 3 days of hundreds of fabulous artists, sculptures, stone masons, painters, glass workers etc as well as workshops and talks-I thoroughly recommend it.

Plymouth college of Art take over a tent every year and show case new talent.

 Elsewhere in the show the stonemasons were particularly good this year.

 The oddest thing though is next door.....

 Next door to the site is a company who specialize in advertising models and film sets

 It is free to visit and it's 2 stories tall filled to the brim with the strangest things!

After visiting next door we popped back to the fair for some final purchases....mine came in this bag....made from wallpaper and sewn up the sides with ribbon threaded through punched holes at the top for handles (and strengthened inside the holes with a small piece of gaffa tape).  Such a brilliant bag just to hold my new purchase.

 and my new purchase?  Well that was the red and grey leather handbag in the left middle of the photo made by the rather talented Gosia Weber.

A brilliant trip, I believe they also do one up north, if you get the chance I would recommend it.

And Malta?  Well, lets just say Valletta is the most beautifully architectural city and we spent the week visiting cathedrals, gazing at paintings by Caravaggio, swimming off the rocks with the locals and loving that I was mistaken as both Maltese and Italian!!

Shame I had to come home and back to reality really!!

Happy crafting


  1. So glad you've been having some major quality time.Do you know where they hold the show "Up North" ? Probably Manchester, methinks.
    I seriously love your bag.
    I would love to visit Malta as I've had nothing but good stories about people's trips there and I'd enjoy the history and old buildings.
    Jo x

  2. Malta sounds fabulous, and love the photos of the fair, and your new bag, it's beautiful!!

  3. Gosh Kyla, I lived in Malta with my parents as a child - a loooong time ago. Given our probable age difference there's a good chance your grandparents knew my Mum and Dad! We lived in Sliema/Tigne.

    Like you, I love Malta although find that Gozo is actually less crowded, a LOT less traffic and very pretty too, have had a few holidays there. Happy days!

    Hugs, Di xx

  4. How weird and wonderful... Love the stonemasonary - it is SUCH a skill!!!


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