Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Summer Solstice

I can't believe we have now had the longest day....I haven't even had a summer break yet! Its lovely and warm and the evenings are so wonderfully light....the biggest bummer is that I haven't been really well enough to do much crafting, I have managed to make some elderflower cordial though. So much nicer than the bought variety (I am loving hedgerow cooking).

So, whilst I may not be doing too much crafting I have been catching up with downloading my photos, so I have a few makes that people wouldnt have seen yet.

This is a money box I made for my best friend, it is an upcycled whisky cylinder. She is trying to save to go back and visit Japan, so I thought I would give her some incentive. I used crackle glazes, netting, various images, stamps, gems, playing pieces and not in the photo around the back I also added a saying from a fortune cookie.
Happy crafting
Li' pidge x


  1. This is terrific. Lots of texture and interest. Bet your friend loved it!

    Lucy x

  2. thanks Lucy, she'd have loved it more if I filled the money box!!


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