Saturday, 2 January 2010

Well, the 'use-up' sessions are going well and creating a bit more space ready forme to play with my Christmas pressies. Here are a few cards, some are upcycled, some using Dreamweaver paste and others using some old card stock from my stash.

So, now I have a bit of space I decided to have aplay with the silver PMC kit I got for Christmas. This is my first attempt, I used a moulding stamp to add some intereting detail and simply threaded it onto some cording. I must admit, I am rather pleased with the results (though there was a bit of smoke and it smelt a bit when I was firing it!!).

Now I am off to play with my machine embroidery foot I also got...........

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x


  1. Some great makes, you have been busy, Looking forward to seeing what else you make especially with your embroidery foot
    Happy New Year
    Hugs Jackie x

  2. thanks Jackie, so much craft, so little time...


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