Wednesday, 18 February 2009

An overdue catchup and a bit of a rant

Good grief where has the time gone? I have been slack in updating the blog, I have no idea where the past week or so have gone! Is this the first sign of getting old (the grey hair and sagging boobs don’ count!)? Does that mean I need to start crocheting myself a hat (ooh, now that is another craft I can have a go at! As they say, every cloud has a silver lining!!) and get a couple dozen cats-nah! I am struggling too much with knitting to take up another hobby and I just don’t ‘get’ cats!

Which brings me to the next point (was there ever a first?), after the snow of Monday had cleared (I really cannot remember a time in the past 20 years when we have had so much snow, or when it has stayed around for so long-I even had the chance to go to the local churchyard, which looked so pretty in a foot of snow, instead of making a snow angel I made a snow bat!) Wednesday saw me another year older, but sadly, no wiser (wider yes, just not wiser).

Just look at our local graveyard-so much snow!

I have a rule that I won’t work on my Birthday (or lift my finger if I can get away with it!) and the day started off to a great start with my pressies! My lovely OH got me a couple of CD’s (including Sisters of Mercy for those long ago, but not forgot

ten (its only the recent past I have trouble remembering!) heady goth days (ah, rum and black and the taste of Diamond White cider and snake bites), a knitted scary rabbit keyring and a few other bits and bobs (and the promise of a shopping spree for crafting stuff in the near future!), my brother got me some gloves and a fantastic book on origami with illustrations by Rolf Harris, and a brooch we saw on our New Year trip to Whitstable of a hand with chains

and a tin heart (its as odd as it sounds but really nice). I also got some fab jewellery making kit from my sister-in-law and some great gifts from the girls at our weekly craft get together, not to mention some from the CB forum! So a big thankyou to everyone.

These are just a few ofmy crafty gifts

We had a lovely day out, Lebanese for lunch, and a trip to CafĂ© Maitreya (previous winner of Observer Food magazine best vegetarian restaurant) in the evening, all brought crashing round my ears the next day after a trip to the dentist! The tooth I have been having untold hassles with for the past 4 months (root abscess, root fillings etc) now needs pulling out! Another one! What the ****. The past couple of years have seen me having to pay for SO much dental work. Arrggggg…I was obviously not meant to have a holiday this year either (last years savings funded my first fixed bridge)-life sometimes sucks, I know it could be so much worse, but it does take some effort to pick yourself up after each knock back.

Whinge over…….

Or maybe not……..twats in small hatchbacks with oversized exhausts, people who let their dog foul and then don’t clear it up, over packaged food products (I actually saw a single pepper shrink wrapped with a plastic label attached in Morrisons!!)…….oh dear, it’s true, 38 years old and now a grumpy old woman! Hurrah, I now have a license to moan (not that I ever needed one before!).

Anyway, back to the reason for life…crafting!

With so much to get clear in my head I decided to take a days annual leave and craft (that always clears my head and gets things in perspective). 6 hours later I have made a dress! I had no pattern and it was a basic pull over the head design, but still a dress. Mind you, even with a belt it looked like a sack,, a sassy red and black silky sack, but a sack none the less (so, that’ll be made into a cushion cover then-I think I am going to end up with a few of those) then….

…Dah, Dah, DAh (spooky music in background). the dreaded sewing machine killer (yep, that’ll be me) struck again.How many times has this killer struck? Nothing had been heard about her for many years, so the machines thought it was safe to venture back out, but no! In a sudden and unprovoked attack the count mayjust have reached No 3!

There I was, innocently make my masterpiece (I didn’t know about the ‘sack’ until I tried it on later) when the machine seized, made a growling noise (nearly banged on next doors wall thinking it was their dog) then chugged a bit, before, PING! A piece of metal fell out from inside!! I have NO idea what it is or what it does, but a quick bang on the table top got it working again-only time will tell if its terminal or whether the killer will strike again…

Anyway, I also received this months ATC from the CB Forum, this months were from CraftyCharl100487 and Clara Cluck-thankyou they are both lovely (gotta love a bit of fantasy).

I also made pressies for my brothers bithday and my family in New Zealand. The cuff links are for my brother and are made from vintage leather buttons, the ear rings for my cousin are of course plectrums, the brooch is for my aunt (same as the one posted previously) and the keepsake book was for my mum and dad, I hope they like them.

Well, I did say it was an overdue catch up!

I have also been making a few cards again:

Phew, I think that's enough for now!

Anyway, Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge


  1. My goodness that is a blog and a half of an update. Please you get everything out of your system with your rant, and it is lovely to put a twist on it (everything has a silver lining)

    Can't get over the leather button cuff links you have made and the pink and white cards you have made are excellent

    Sarah x

  2. Thanks Sarah, we all need a rant now and again!

  3. Loved reading the update, and great makes :o)

  4. Lovely makes on your blog Kyla, love it all

  5. You have been busy with your makes, they are all lovely.
    Hope you feel better for your rant, we all need one sometime


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