Sunday, 9 November 2008

Christmas Cards, knitting and marmalade-all with a hangover!

Finally I have made a start on some Christmas cards. It is SO difficult to sit down and concentrate on just one topic-I usually end up flitting between projects, and finishing very little! I am loving both the pink and turquoise with a bit of glitter to add that sparkle and sakura glaze pens to add a little glossy definition for the darker colour on the baubles. I can't believe that we are only about 6 weeks to Christmas-madness, where has the year gone? Now, I'm told its an age thing, but I refute that!

I also made some white on white cards, with an embossed tree dusted with mica powder, and a double sided peel-off greeting with white holographic glitter applied all over.

I also finished my very first knitting project, a green scarf that doubles as a dishcloth! (well, there are a few holes, but then it is my first attempt). I embellished it with a row of green sequins and a large button. I wore it out for the first time yesterday-warm and toasty!
I also managed to make some marmalade with ginger and whiskey-nice! I decided since my dad loves all 3 ingredients I would make him some for his upcoming birthday, and decorated the jam jar with some pretty papers-nice! I cant wait for the tasting....mmmmm hot buttered toast.....

Not bad crafting for a wet and windy Sunday, especially since I am a little fragile after last night's party at Jill's (my friend who runs our weekly crop)-a great night which meant we all got to show our OH where we spend a few hours every week gossiping/crafting.well, the two go hand in hand don't they? Oh, and talking of our weekly crop, look at these gorgeous mini mosaics Tracy brought us all-aren't they cute? I cant wait to make something with them.

Phew, I need a lie down now........
Li'l Pidge

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